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Home buying and construction finance: currency, coins, and architectural models

Difference between Home loan and Home construction Loan


In the realm of real estate financing, two common options often stand out for aspiring homeowners: home loans and home construction loans. While both serve as vital tools in achieving the dream of homeownership, they cater to distinct needs and come with unique features.

In this blog, we will understand the key differences between home loans and home construction loans.

Understanding Home Loans and Home Construction Loans

Home Loans

Home loans, also known as mortgage loans, are financial instruments designed to help individuals purchase or refinance residential properties. They are utilized to fund the acquisition of a ready to move in property, whether it is a house, apartment, or condominium. For your new home, which you purchased directly from a developer or government agency (MHADA, DDA, etc.) for a project that is still in progress or has already been completed, IndoStar Home Finance offers the best home loan options. Purchases of already-owned properties are also covered by our home loans.

Home Construction Loans

On the other hand, home construction loans are tailored for individuals looking to build a new residential property from the ground up. Unlike home loans, which disburse the funds upfront for buying an existing property, construction loans release the funds in stages as the construction progresses. This type of loan is ideal for those embarking on a new construction project, offering financial support throughout the various phases of building a house.

Key Differences Between Home Loans and Home Construction Loans

Purpose of Financing

Home Loans: Primarily used for purchasing an existing property, whether it is a house, apartment, or land with a house.
Home Construction Loans: Specifically designed for financing the construction of a new residential property, including the costs associated with land acquisition, construction materials, labor, and permits.

Disbursement of Funds

Home Loans: The entire loan amount is disbursed upfront, enabling the borrower to complete the property purchase in one go.
Home Construction Loans: Funds are disbursed in stages or milestone, such as foundation completion, roof installation, or finishing work, as the construction progresses. This phased disbursement ensures that the funds are utilized efficiently and in-line with the construction timeline.

Interest Rates and Repayment Terms

Home Loans: Interest rates for home loans are typically lower compared to other types of loans, given that the property serves as collateral. Repayment terms are structured over a fixed period, allowing borrowers to plan their finances effectively.
Home Construction Loans: Due to the higher risk associated with construction projects, interest rates for construction loans may be slightly higher. Repayment terms may vary, with some lenders offering interest only payments during the construction phase transitioning to full-repayment once the construction is completed.

Collateral Requirements

Home Loans: The property being purchased serves as collateral for the loan, providing security to the lender in case of default by the borrower.
Home Construction Loans: In addition to the property being built servinas collateral, construction loans may require additional documentation, such as construction plans, timelines, and contractor agreements to mitigate risks associated with the build process.

Deciding Between a Home Loan and a Home Construction Loan: Factors to Consider

Affordability and Budgeting

Affordable Home Loan: If you're looking to purchase an already built property and are seeking a traditional mortgage, a home loan might be the right choice. Make sure to assess your financial situation, including income, expenses, and credit score, to determine the affordability of a home loan.
Home Construction Loan: CFor those embarking on a new construction project and need financing for construction related expenses, a home construction loan is the ideal choice. Consider factors such as the cost of land, construction materials, labor, permits, and contingency funds when budgeting for a construction loan.

Timeline and Construction Process

Home Loans: Home loan processing times may vary but are typically faster than construction loans, as funds are disbursed upfront. If you're looking for a quicker purchase process, a home loan might be more suitable.
Home Construction Loans: Construction loans are tailored to the construction timeline and progress, requiring detailed planning and coordination between the borrower, lender, and contractors. If you're prepared for the construction process and its associated complexities, a construction loan can provide the necessary financial support.

Future Growth and Customization

Home Loans: Purchasing an existing property limits customization options to renovations and modifications. If you seek a property that aligns with your specific design preferences and features, a construction loan for building a custom home may be more suitable.
Home Construction Loans: Building a home from scratch allows for complete customization and personalization, providing the opportunity to create a living space tailored to your needs and preferences.


Distinguishing between home loans and home construction loans is essential in determining the appropriate financing solution for your residential property needs. While home loans cater to property purchases, construction loans are tailored to new construction projects, each offering unique benefits and considerations. By evaluating factors such as affordability, timeline, and future growth opportunities, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your homeownership goals and financial objectives. With Indostar Home Finance, avail loans up to ₹ 25 lakh with a tenure of up to 15 years. To know more, click here.